The Limit Of The Awrah Of The Women To Other Muslim Women


Author Aboo Waheeda As-salafee
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This is the introduction to our discussion , a small treatise discussing one important subject –it is dedicated to all the Muslim women who have even a speck of jealousy and love for their religion- and similarly to the men who are in control of households –and have some sense of jealousy and shyness regarding their sisters , their wives , and their mothers-.

And this is the topic of : What is the limit of what the woman can display in front of her sisters and the Muslim women ? Before getting into the discussion ; it is important to know the definition of some terms which will be re-appearing in this treatise InshaAllaah...

Mahram : These are relatives whom a person is not allowed to marry . Either due to blood
relationship (like the father , mother , brother, sister..) , or due to marital relations (like the
father and the grand-father in law , or the mother in law), or due to breast feeding (meaning the
person whom breast fed you she becomes your Mom , and the person who breastfed from the
same women , they become your sisters or brothers).

Awrah : This is the parts of the body which are impermissible to be displayed. It is different in
the men and the women , and It has different rulings in regards to different sets of people .
Some of them :

a. The awrah of the Men ; By agreement of the majority of the Scholars , it is what is between
the navel and the knees. In front of men or women. But covering up properly is better.

b. The awrah of Women : It has different rulings in relation to different people :
- The awrah of Women to non-Mahram men (strange men) : There are two famous opinions
from the Scholars :

1. It is all of her body.

2. It is all of her body except the face and the wrists.

The discussion for this is famous through history ; and this is not the place for that InshaAllaah.
It is worth while noting though , that all the scholars agree that it is better and most
recommended for the women to cover all her body.

- The Awrah of the Women to the Mahram : This is part of our discussion in this treatise , so
InshaAllaah it will come to be clear.
The Awrah of The Women to other Muslim Women : This is the main discussion. There are two
famous opinions between the Scholars :

1. It is like the Awrah of the men to men : meaning it was what is between the navel and the

2. It is not the same as that of the men – it is what she reveals in the normal routine of her
house ; like the head , the feet and the hands. This is what is the closest to the truth.
This is our discussion and it will be clarified with all clarity, InshaAllaah.
Note : As for between the husband and the wife : then there is no limits as to what can be seen.

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