Picturing Islam: Art and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld


By Kenneth M. George
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Number Of Pages: 200
Date: 2010-01-26, ISBN-10 : 1405129573
PDF 9.08 Mb

Picturing Islam: Art and Ethics in a Muslim Lifeworld explores issues of religion, nationalism, ethnicity, and globalization through the life and work of the prominent contemporary Indonesian artist Abdul Djalil Pirous.

· Presents a unique addition to the anthropology of art and religion

· Demonstrates the impact of Islam, ethnicity, nationalism, and globalization on the work and life of an internationally recognized postcolonial artist

· Weaves together visual and narrative materials to tell an engrossing story of a cosmopolitan Muslim artist

· Looks at contemporary Islamic art and the way it has been produced in the world’s largest Muslim nation, Indonesia

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PDF For The Anthropology of Islam


By Gabriele Marranci
Publisher: Berg Publishers
Number Of Pages: 224
Date: 2008-04-15, ISBN-10 : 1845202848
PDF 1.1 Mb

An increasing number of people have questions about Islam and Muslims. But how can we approach and study Islam after September 11th? Which is the best methodology to understand an Islam that is changing in a globalized world?

The Anthropology of Islam argues that Islam today needs to be studied as a living religion through the observation of everyday Muslim life. Drawing on extensive original fieldwork, Marranci provides provocative analyses of Islam and its relation to issues such as identities, politics, culture, power and gender.

The Anthropology of Islam is unprecedented in its innovative and challenging discussion about fieldwork among Muslims, and its ethnographically based interpretations of contemporary aspects of Islam in a post-September 11th society. The book will appeal to those in anthropology and beyond who see and are interested in investigating the unsettled place of Islam in our multicultural society.

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iMuslims: Rewiring the House of Islam (Islamic Civilization and Muslim Networks)


By: Gary R. Bunt
publisher: The University of North Carolina Press
year: 2009, pages: 358
PDF 3.1 Mb

Exploring the increasing impact of the Internet on Muslims around the world, this book sheds new light on the nature of contemporary Islamic discourse, identity, and community.The Internet has profoundly shaped how both Muslims and non-Muslims perceive Islam and how Islamic societies and networks are evolving and shifting in the twenty-first century, says Gary Bunt.

While Islamic society has deep historical patterns of global exchange, the Internet has transformed how many Muslims practice the duties and rituals of Islam. A place of religious instruction may exist solely in the virtual world, for example, or a community may gather only online.

Drawing on more than a decade of online research, Bunt shows how social-networking sites, blogs, and other "cyber-Islamic environments" have exposed Muslims to new influences outside the traditional spheres of Islamic knowledge and authority.

Furthermore, the Internet has dramatically influenced forms of Islamic activism and radicalization, including jihad-oriented campaigns by networks such as al-Qaeda. By surveying the broad spectrum of approaches used to present dimensions of Islamic social, spiritual, and political life on the Internet, iMuslims encourages diverse understandings of online Islam and of Islam generally.

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