Islam and the Destiny of Man (Suny Series, Islam)


By Charles Le Gai Eaton

Publisher: State University of New York Press
Number Of Pages: 242
Publication Date: 1986-02
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 088706163X
File Size : 11 Mb
File type : PDF

Well written and well structured this is probably the best introduction to the Muslim religion you can find. Ignore any previous condencending reviews such as "Are Muslims realy like this?" etc.... It realy is beyond me why some think they are qualified to have an opinion so narrow on a religion followed by millions of people as diverse as Chinese, Europeans, Arabs, Africans etc or even on a people.
Imagine if someone put up a review making the same comments about Black people or Asian people, they would immediately be condemned as an ignorant bigot but here we are, Islam is in the news, it sells newspapers and we can use it for and against to get the mob and rabble roused.

Concerning the book, it is basically an introduction to the Muslim religion. It covers all aspects of the faith and how it is understood by Muslims, its impact on the world and the impact that the world outside of Islam had upon it.

There are many other books of a similar style such as Roger Du Pasquier's Unveiling Islam and William Chitticks Vision of Islam but this is by far the best. Recomended to Muslim and non Muslim alike.

Read it and see for yourself.

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