First Book of the Hadiqatu L-Haqiqat: Or, the Enclosed Garden of the Truth


By Hakim Abu l-Majd Majdud Sanai

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"Khaatam" Persian Handicraft

Hakim Abul-Majd Majdud ibn Adam Sana'i was a Persian Sufi poet who lived in Ghazna, Persia during the 11th & 12th century. He probably died around 1150. Rumi acknowledged Sanai as one of his inspirations. Sanai's best known work is "The Walled Garden of Truth or The Hadiqat-ul Haqiqah". Some of his lyrics survive.

He was connected with the court of Bahram-shah who ruled 1118-1152. It is said that once when accompanying Bahramshah on a military expedition to India, Sanai met the Sufi teacher Lai-khur, encounter which led him to quit Bahramshah's service as a court poet even though he was promised wealth and the king's daughter in marriage if he remained.

Hakim Sanai Ghaznavi mocked the pederastic practices of his time, and was perhaps the earliest visualiser of a Pan-Islamic Union in the Muslim world divided in bitterness and bloodshed between the Sunni and Shia sects, where the unfortunate and unimportant
misunderstandings and rival traditions of these two sects are forgone to build a united Islamic world. A couplet from his Diwan reads:

" Ey ké nashnaasi khafi raa az jali, hoshyaar baash !
Ey ggereftaaré Abu-Bakr o Ali, hoshyaar baash ! "
(O! You who cannot read fine print from the bold, beware !
O! You who are engrossed in Abu-Bakr and Ali, beware !)

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