The Handbook of Language Teaching


Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell; 1 edition
Date August 4, 2009
Language: English , ISBN-10: 1405154896
PDF | 824 pages | 27 mb

-Bringing together an international and interdisciplinary team of contributors, this Handbook is a wide-ranging and invaluable reference guide to language teaching.
-A comprehensive reference work on language teaching, which combines the latest research findings, coverage of core topics, and examples of teaching experience from a variety of languages and settings
-Provides a unique breadth of coverage, including: the psycholinguistic underpinnings of language learning; social, political, and educational contexts; program design; materials writing and course design; teaching and testing; teacher education; and assessment and evaluation
-Offers a balanced evaluation of the major positions and approaches, including examining the increasingly important social and political context of language teaching
-Written by an international and interdisciplinary group of authors from a dozen different countries; English is only one of the many languages used as examples throughout the volume

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