Sexual Ethics and Islam: Feminist Reflections on Qur'an, Hadith and Jurisprudence


By Kecia Ali
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
Pages: 192, Date: 2006-06-25
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1851684565, 1.27 MB rar pdf

In this lucid and carefully constructed volume, feminist academic Kecia Ali examines classical Muslim texts and tries to evaluate whether a just system of sexual ethics is possible within an Islamic framework.

This is an important contribution to an unknown field in the English speaking world. Most westerners have a negative restrictive view of not only Islam but especially perceive it as sexist and putting its female adherents in a very limiting position (and the pun is somewhat intended).

This book will open up for those who wish to understand an approach very different from western norms. It was not a position which this reviewer necessarily was comfortable with but one which explains, and yes this book even critiques, that world which has been closed to us. Our previous exposure was to the 1001 Arabian Nights which like the Kama Sutra is outside the day to day lives of its followers while perhaps titalating for western readers.

This is a major contribution to the dialogue which must emerge between our society and Islam.

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