PDF Books For The Jews of Islam


By Bernard W. Lewis, Publisher: Princeton University Press
Pages: 245, Date: 1984-01, ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0691054193
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How the world changes in a very short time! I am certain that had Bernard Lewis written this work today its emphasis and message would be slightly different. The Islamic today has been infested with a vicious kind of anti- Semitism which it learned in part from Nazi Europe.

It has developed a kind of ideological hatred of Jews which there as Lewis indicates have been signs of in Islamic history but which did not generally become the dominant note in most societies. The inferior dhimmi status accorded the Jews allowed them to for long periods of time live in relative peace in many Muslim lands.

As Lewis indicates they were never truly given equal status, and Islamic society retains always the dominance of Muslims, but they at least could go about their business fairly well. Now it is all changed. The Islamic world is doing its best to be Judenrein.

Its way of speaking about Jews and acting toward them (The hatred demonization hystical suicide- bombing, the sheer murderousness)come from a very dark place in the human soul. Lewis in his recent books has I believe been a bit more critical, emphasized a bit more these negative signs in Islam which unfortunately have become dominant today.

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