Harun Yahya : Allah is Known Through Reason


By Harun Yahya,
Publisher: Goodword Books
Pages: 208, Publication Date: 2000-01-01
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 8187570059
PDF | 3.73 MB

How does one approach Allah? How does one appreciate His benevolence and awe-inspiring mercy? How does Allah reveal Himself to His noblest creation? These are among the significant themes elaborated in this illuminating work by the prolific Turkish author, Harun Yahya.

Yahya demonstrates persuasively that belief in a transcendental deity is not abhorrent to human reason. The proper exercise of our God-given reasoning faculty in a humble and sincere manner devoid of egoism will lead to a profound appreciation of the Divine.

This book expounds the Islamic philosophy that stresses the fundamental agreement between religion and modern science. I thank Allah for enabling me to appreciate His bountiful mercies as evidenced in this book. I pray that Harun Yahya may live a long and fruitful life to continue his blessed endeavors.

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