The Mosque: The Heart of Submission (Abrahamic Dialogues)


By Rusmir Mahmutcehajic, William Chittick,
Publisher: Fordham University Press
Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2006-04-01
ISBN / ASIN: 0823225844
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A 'must' for any who would understand modern Islamic sentiments

The Mosque: The Heart Of Submission could have been featured in our Spirituality section, but is reviewed here for its central importance in any consideration of Muslim thinking, religious or otherwise. Mahmutcehajic surveys ways in which the mosque differs from the Christian church, considering its unique place in Muslim tradition as a stand-alone image without an institutionalized hierarchy.

It holds importance throughout Muslim society and thus religious concepts of upward bliss, mercy, and God move from the Mosque well beyond the usual boundaries into the heart of social structure.

This survey of its symbolism and meaning is a 'must' for any who would understand modern Islamic sentiments.

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