British Muslims, Media Guide


By Ehsan Masood

Publisher: The British Council, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists
Number Of Pages: 76
Publication Date: April 2006
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0863555691
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We would like to thank all those people and institutions who have supported the publishing of this book. Individuals whose contribution has been particularly significant are of course the author, Ehsan Masood and those who have helped with research, drafting and editorial advice at the various stages.
These include Fauzia Ahmad, Madeleine Bunting, Fuad Nahdi, Urmee Khan, Seema Khan, Samia Rahman, Shazia Khan, Shiraz Khan, Mohammed Siddique Seddon, Chris Allen, Ginny Marriott and Rachel Stevens.

The Muslim College, the Forum Against Islamophobia and Racism, FED2000 and the International Institute of Islamic Thought have supported the project from the outset; and Dr Zaki Badawi was, until his death, a strong advocate.

The photographs are by Tim Smith ( and Jak Kilby ( The British Council and its partners are not responsible for the contents of any external website referred to in this publication.
Design by Brahm © Copyright British Council 2006

from the back cover:

"This book describes Britain's Muslim communities, their history, present and future. The British Council, the Association of Muslim Social Scientists and partners are publishing it to strengthen international understanding of the diverse nature of British society, as a resource for journalists and others.

It is published in the belief that a detailed and many-sided understanding of communities within British society gives us all a fuller, more subtle, and more accurate picture of Britain, its faiths and its cultures."

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