Islamic Fundamentalism: The New Global Threat


By Mohammad Mohaddessin

Publisher: Seven Locks Press
Number Of Pages: 224
Publication Date: 1993-01
File Size : 3.7 mb
File Type : rar.ed bookmarked html-based folder, Start from 'index'.

Islamic Fundamentalism is the best book. It pictures the real stories with ducuoments, all whys, and hows of terrorism regime of Iran.
It opens the targets of terrorism, and some of the inhumen activities of the Iran's rulers in the past, present, and future (if the regime exist).
Khomeni and his heirs, abuse Islam and Koran. The regime use the name of Islam, but it is just the Mullahs nickname, and they actions are against Islam and Koran. The Mullahs in Iran are the Godfathers of the fundamentalism. The regime is like an encapsulated abscess within the tumor in our democratic world.

Mojahedin, the resistance of Iran, has prevented and minimized the regime's terrorist and inhuman activities. Mrs. Rajavi, the ellect president for future of Iran, a Muslem and high educated woman,is trying to overthrow the regime, and estabelish democracy and freedom. She dislike Mullahs, strongly believes freedom, human rights, and democracy.

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